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Chapter 3: Page 28

Chapter 3: Page 28 published on 12 Comments on Chapter 3: Page 28

EDIT AUGUST 30: Update Delay!
When I marked Aug 28th as my next update day, I had no idea that I’d be in the middle of moving this week. Sorry everyone! I’ll have Ch.4′s title page up as soon as it’s ready! Stay tuned!

And that’s the end of Chapter 3!
What are you gonna do, Juni?! How are you going to save Walter and get those magic artifacts out of your actual hand?!

Some news:

The SpiderForest Anthology Kickstarter was a success! So much so that we reached all of our stretch goals as well. Thank you so much to all of you that donated, shared, and otherwise participated in that campaign!

More news:

Back in April, this comic went on hiatus as I worked on a portfolio to apply for an animation program at a local university. I’m proud to say that I got in and I will be starting classes in September! What does this mean for this comic? Well, I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be able to keep up with weekly updates while also juggling homework and trying to work to pay for it all. So updates are going to be infrequent to say the least. I will work on the comic when I have time and I will post whenever I have a page done, I think.

That being said, I’m also going to have to take August off from updates as well. Chapter 4 is going to be a doozy as far as backgrounds and setting goes and I am going to need some extra time to work on my perspective drawings, designing very important buildings and making sure I have a few new characters comfortably designed. (YES, MORE CHARACTERS. IT’S A REGULAR MOSH PIT ON THAT CAST PAGE.)

I’ll be posting WIPs of these designs as I make them on social media, so be sure to follow the official accounts and stay in touch! 🙂

Thank you all again for reading The Chronicles of Oro. I’m excited for what this next chapter (of my life and this story) will bring.

See you all soon!


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