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Chapter 3: Page 10

Chapter 3: Page 10 published on 5 Comments on Chapter 3: Page 10

Toques rolls a natural 20 on his perception check… despite being in the middle of a monologue.

Early update! 😀

Today is my Birthday (and Tiko’s) so we’re celebrating by giving you this page as a gift!

To those of you who have only ever read this comic here on the main site: there are extra pages for you to read. I’ve done some experimenting and had some dialogue with my readers here and on Tapastic and come to the conclusion that, for the time being, I need to keep the Prologue in the story. It seems to help at least a few people understand what’s going on a tad better. (And it’s a short read.)

If you haven’t read the Prologue before, READ IT HERE!


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