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SpiderForest Anthology

SpiderForest Anthology published on 2 Comments on SpiderForest Anthology

Here it is! Again, I’m really sorry for dropping off the face of the internet for the last month… or two.
(Wow, has it really been that long. Whoops…)

Thank you all for your patience and support! Please check out our Kickstarter!

There are so many awesome perks and goodies you could pick up while also supporting yours truly and all of my amazing teammates over at SpiderForest!


Chapter 3: Page 25

Chapter 3: Page 25 published on 19 Comments on Chapter 3: Page 25

Thank you for being so patient with me everyone! (Remember to follow the official social media accounts in case of any delays in the future.)

Without further ado: Welcome to the plot!

Week 3: Slice of Life (or Death)

Cosmic Fish – Acantha and her kind are monsters called “ghosts”. They aren’t part of the “life cycle”, where every living soul filters through two planetary guardians. As the different ghosts and monsters change — both emotionally and physically — they attempt find the answers behind the mystery of their existence, and either heal or run from past mistakes.

Fine Sometimes Rain – A slice of life about love, friendship, and overcoming depression.

Evil Witch Allie – Jake found a little girl claiming to be a witch wandering alone outside his house on Halloween. It would have been nice if that turned out to be the weirdest part of his night.

Paisley Brickstone – Being the new kid is never easy, but life gets even harder for Harvey Mammaroth when gym class takes a wild turn and he and his classmates find themselves trapped in an empty school. Is the whole thing just a vague assignment set up by their sadistic gym teacher, Coach Trener? Or is something much darker going on?

October 20 – After a decade of fighting the curse that has befallen them, Catherine and Raimundo have their backs to the wall. The last of their allies have been claimed by the monster that comes for them every year on October the 20th. Can they survive the day? Can they find a way to go on, even if they lose everything? And can they find the man called Shields McKloskey, who seems to hold all the answers?

Chapter 3: Page 24

Chapter 3: Page 24 published on 15 Comments on Chapter 3: Page 24

Are you surprised? Even a little?


…And hiatus over! And now that it is, I am happy to unload a huge welcome to the first batch of new members of SpiderForest!

Week 1: Sword-Swinging, Spell-Slinging Fantasy

Monster Lands – A fantasy/dramedy story that focuses on the axe-wielding, monster-riding adventurer Othera as she battles against the tyranny of the evil queen Eren Lorry!

HELM – Embark on a journey across the dark and dangerous world of HELM in search of the legendary Bastard King.

Saffron and Sage – Saffron and Sage is a comedy/action comic about a group of adventurers trying to rescue a kidnapped Prince while learning valuable life lessons.

Sell Spell – When Sedo, an illegal spell-for-hire, is tasked with “retrieving” a mysterious artifact, he cons a gullible Mage’s apprentice and his motley crew of bodyguards into helping him. However, as simple treasure hunt turns into treacherous cross-country journey, Sedo gets the sinking feeling he is being hunted… and more importantly, underpaid.

Week 2: Space and Unseen Worlds!

The Dad Brigade – Brandy is a young girl being trained under the protection of a group of highly skilled mercenaries. Among these mercenaries are the assassin, Crucible Jack, the marksman, Jean d’Arblast, and the warlock, Hergin Pride. Dale O’Dawn, a noble knight, tries to keep them in order, to little avail. Together, the men must put aside their differences to raise Brandy into a warrior fit to stop the apocalypse.

Dreamrise – The setting is the year 2515, when most of the solar system has already been colonized and terraformed. A motley ensemble cast must work to fight things like Magic Terrorists, Corrupted viruses from alternate timelines, and EMOTIONS.

The Empathy Drive – The promised golden age was lost before it began. Humanity reached for the stars, remaking fledgling civilizations in our own image. When the unthinkable happened, we fled – riding a cascading wave of xenophobia back to Earth. These are the stories of those who were left behind.

Of Conquests and Consequences – A teenage aristocrat from the North finds himself a prisoner of war and is assigned as a servant to the young heiress of one of the clans from across the desert. His captor will take him far away from his homeland and further still from his comfort zones. How will he adapt to the new culture?

Realm of Owls – A parliament of owl people have raised a grand city in a lustrous turf. These are the records of two owls who have decided to document the history and antics of their silly people in a whimsical comic strip form. Everything from the ever-shifting sovereignty to ice breaking to pigeon flinging is depicted here!

Chapter 3: Page 23

Chapter 3: Page 23 published on 8 Comments on Chapter 3: Page 23

As usual, the twins’ plan is to make you think they have an actual plan…

***Emergency Hiatus Announcement***

As you can tell by the unfinished page, I’m having trouble juggling this comic and the rest of my life right now. I’m taking on new responsibilities at work (and extra shifts while a plague of a cold continues to knock out staff), I’m participating in a secret SpiderForest project, and I have a portfolio to create and submit by the end of the month. I simply have too much to slog through over the next few weeks to keep up with CoO… (Though I hope you can tell that I’ve been trying really hard.)

**This comic is not stopping any time soon. And I realize what an awful place this is to have to put updates on hold… (Sorry!)

Updates will resume in early April.
Follow me on the comic’s official social media sites for sneak peaks at the other projects that are bogging me down!
Thank you for your patience and for sticking with me thus far <3 Comments

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